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The three-year training cycle enables applicants to step on the path of becoming professional contemporary dancers. The program focuses on the study of traditional and innovative dance techniques based on technical training, movement skills development and body awareness, integrated theory and practice.
To support our students we focus on development, create a balance between individual and team learning, we rely on a complex assessment system and use methods that promote reflection and creativity. Our students gain transferable knowledge by being part of a creative community under the guidance of national and international teachers' and artists. The training supports students to develop an experimental, research-based creative practice and to find their own unique, authentic performing voice. Attributes such as curiosity, courage and dedication are essential to shape one’s self-image as a performer or creator, as well as sensitivity and openness to social and cultural contexts.
The three-year training cycle is aimed at those who are willing to undertake 100% intensive individual and group work in order to find their own artistic path.

„We are not teaching dances,
we are learning to dance.”

(Iván Angelus, founding rector)

More detailed information about the BA course HERE

the nowadays inevitable bond
between the practice of
dance and creation


Applications for the Contemporary Dance BA at BCDA for academic years 2022-2025 are now open.

The Audition process for BCDA is made out of two rounds. Before making a final decision about admission we prefer to meet at least two times. The first round of the Audition is called Pre-Audition, which can be taken in person or online. Applicants passing the first round will be invited to the Final Audition, where participation is in person only.

Berlin, 6 May 2022, Lake Studios
Torino, 23 April 2023, AD’A Dance Studio
Cluj-Napoca, 15 May 2022, ZIZ Art and Social Area
Budapest, 25-27 April, 2022, at BCDA.

Application deadline: 48 hours before any pre-audition event starts. Places are limited therefore we recommend applying in time.

Final Audition:
Budapest, 11-12 June. 2022, at BCDA.

Participation: upon invitation, based on the decision made after one of the pre-auditions.


Pre-Auditions will happen at several places during spring time. We are also providing the possibility to participate online for those who have difficulties with traveling during times of covid.

Application deadline: 24th May 2022 23:59 (CET)

Fill in the application form. Filling in the form requires prior preparation, therefore we kindly ask you to read the instructions carefully before starting to complete the form.

The process of auditions stretches through several months, with the aim of ensuring that the Applicant and the school representatives have a clear understanding of the commitment to the long-term cooperation ahead. During the Pre-Audition period, the candidates should get to know the school and themselves as thoroughly and deeply as possible. Our LEAP 21/22 Program provides candidates the opportunity to get to know the work at the school. We offer a twelve weeks intensive Pre-Audition Course, Open Days, Weekend Workshops and an Online Mentor Program. The process of audition itself is a great opportunity for everyone to discover the joys and possible difficulties that they can expect throughout the three-year training cycle. Knowing the opportunities and challenges, we can responsibly embark on the extremely demanding preparation for a career as a professional dancer. Students gaining admission will be invited for a Summer Creative week, where we can get to know each other as a group and lay the fundamentals for starting work together in September.

The aptitude test is part of the practical test. During the audition procedure Applicants may be given a "pass" or "fail" mark. A single 'fail' mark in the examination will disqualify the Applicant from further audition. Calculation of admission points: points obtained during the admission procedure will be taken into account.

Sample schedule

First Day
9.30Arriving / Registration / Individual warm-up
10.30Dance classes
12.00 - 13.00Lunch break
13.00 - around 16.00Dance classes and presentation of solo dance
16.00Individual talks
Second day
9.30Arriving / Individual warm-up / Individual talks
10.30Dance classes
12.00 - 13.00Lunch break
13.00 - around 16.00Dance classes and presentation of solo dance
16.00Individual talks

During the audition we want to find out:

  • how much experience do you have in traditional and innovative techniques: contemporary dance, improvisation, creative work, ballet, and folk dance basics.
  • what sort of talent can be discovered regarding a dancer's career in the field of contemporary dance.
  • whether the pedagogical path offered by the BCDA is suitable for you and can possibly prepare you for a career as a dancer based on your skills and intellectual orientation.

During the audition process, we hold the practical and aptitude test simultaneously.
The practical exam seeks to assess how much experience Applicants have in traditional and innovative dance techniques.
The aptitude test examines whether the physical, mental and psychological characteristics and health conditions allow participation in the course.
In the hope of creating an objective assessment, we aim to learn the Applicants' motivation, to understand their artistic interests and to map out possible pathways for developing and growing in the areas of dance technique, creativity and practice of dance and creation if we begin to work together.
The process will be rounded off with a conversation focusing on cultural and personal interests, especially in the fields of dance, theatre, music and visual arts.


Leap 21/22 - pre-audition course

Continuing the school's decades-long tradition, we actively seek opportunities to meet people interested in dance, future students, and the public at large. To this end, we are opening the LEAP 21/22 Program in the season preceding the launch of the BCDA Dance Bachelor's Degree in 2022. In this framework, we organize a series of professional and artistic events, including a Pre-Audition Course, Career Orientation Days, Open Days, Weekend Workshops, Online Mentor Program.

alternative thinking

Stáb tagok


Iván Angelus, the founder/rector of the BCDA, asked his direct colleagues to re-launch the BA Course in Contemporary Dance in September 2022, to lead the first year and to organize a preparatory year. Drawing on 40 years of experience in pedagogy, the renewed training responds to the challenges of the present while exploring new ways of shaping the dance of the future

Tamás Bakó
Head of Year

Teacher, independent artist, Gyula Harangozó Award-winning dance artist. Tamás finished his dance education in Budapest Dance School in 1995. He has been a member of numerous foreign and Hungarian ensembles including Ismael Ivo, Marco Santi, Adrienn Hód, Gábor Goda and others, and has participated in numerous independent productions and projects as a dancer or co-creator. Since 2009 he has been a teacher of contemporary dance at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, and he also teaches as a guest master at other professional contemporary dance schools such as SEAD / Salzburg, or La Manufacture HES-SO / Lausanne.

Dóra Furulyás
Program Coordinator

Dóra was admitted to the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy in 2004. After completing her studies, she was a member of the The Symptoms ensemble between 2010 and 2018. She has worked with Timothy and the Things, Artus, Anna Réti, Petra Ardai, Péter Kárpáti, Tamás Ördög, among others. Since 2020, she has been working with Viktória Dányi on the Mothers Back program, which explores and makes visible the impact of motherhood on performing artists through various artistic projects.

Kristóf Várnagy
Program Coordinator

Kristóf studied ballet at the Hungarian Dance Academy. In 2007 he was awarded the Junior Prize for Hungarian Ballet and Contemporary Dance. He has worked in various styles, from ballet to contemporary dance and circus, with companies such as Cirque du Soleil, Cullberg Ballet and the Royal Swedish Ballet, the latter of which he was a soloist. Kristóf has been an invited teacher at several dance schools in Hungary and abroad: Hungarian Dance Academy, High School of Arts Pécs, School of Dance and Fine Arts Győr, Centre National de la Danse Paris, Danscentrum Stockholm. Since 2017, he has been a permanent lecturer at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, where he obtained his MA degree in dance teaching in 2021. Currently a member of the Recirquel circus company.

Petra Péter
Scientific and International affairs

Petra has been working at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy since its foundation. She is responsible for international relations, thesis support and accreditation. She is the head of the Archive of the Budapest Dance School. Her research interests include the early period of Hungarian contemporary dance. She is an editorial board member of the periodical Dance Studies. She holds a degree in Sociology and Hungarian Studies from the Kossuth Lajos University of Debrecen and a degree in Theatre History from the University of Veszprém. She started her doctoral studies at the Károli Gáspár Reformed University, Doctoral School of Literature, and then obtained her doctorate at the Doctoral School of Literature of the University of Pécs.

Kamilla Reidl
Vice-Rector for Coordination

Kamilla studied dance (modern and contemporary dance) at the Budapest Dance School and then participated in several theatre productions as a freelancer. At the same time she started her teaching activity at the Hungarian Dance Academy (modern dance) and later at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, where she obtained a degree in Dance Education. Since 2009, she has been working at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, where she is responsible for legal, administrative and curricular affairs and the day-to-day running of the Academy.

Blanka Flóra Csasznyi
Organizational and communication associate

Blanka studied dance BA at The Place - Contemporary Dance Academy in London, and later at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy, where she successfully completed her MA in Dance Education. For ten years she has worked with American-born dancer and choreographer Joe Alegado, creator of the Shifting Roots technique, as a teacher and co-creator. In these ten years, she has had the opportunity to teach and choreograph in the Shifting Roots - Alegado Movement Language form language worldwide and has gained significant returning audiences in many countries. Since 2016, she has been a co-creator, independent teacher and since 2020 the rights holder of the Shifting Roots - AML technique. In 2021, she was awarded the Viktor Fülöp Fellowship for Pedagogy.

discovering and
developing their
own talents

Tuition fee

The Bachelor of Arts in Dance is available on a self-pay basis only.
For foreign students:
500.-€ one-time registration fee and 2000.-€ / semester.

Payment in installments is possible by individual agreement.

in the process of
becoming an artist
through creative

Erasmus program

With the support of the European Union's Erasmus+ program, our students and staff can go on study trips abroad. It is possible to host students and teachers from abroad too.

Institutional Erasmus Coordinator: Petra Péter

Further info

learning and
developingby being part
of a community


These two videos are the documentations of our latest performances before the pandemic. They represent the two main approaches in school performances
– larger group of students presenting a set improvisation and choreography based upon the sequences learned during dance classes: INTERMEZZO december 2018 Trafó
– solo work of one or more students: MULE FULE - Vágner Orsolya december 2018, Trafó

You can find more videos on our YouTube channel.



How can I apply for the '22 Contemporary Dance BA course?

The first step is to fill out the Academy's registration form and send it in for us.

Pre-Audition? Audition?

It is representative for the Academy that before making a final decision about the admission we prefer to meet at least two times in person. The first round of the Audition is called Pre-Audition, you will be invited to the final Audition from here. Both auditions are by invitation. The criterion is to fill out the online registration form and send it in for us.

What can I expect to happen at the audition?

The practical part of the audition consists of dance classes. The aptitude test will happen parallel to the practical test. Individual talks are also part of the process. Through these encounters we will be able to formulate a complex picture of each other, which will help both parties decide to begin a mutual collaboration.

What types of dance classes are part of the practical part

Contemporary dance, improvisation, ballet (basics), folk-dance (basics), creative tasks based on individual work, and the presentation of the prepared solo work.

What does the aptitude test mean?

The aptitude test is part of the practical test. We observe if the mental, physical and overall health status of the applicant makes it possible for one to take part in the course.

What can I expect to happen at the individual talks?

The main purpose of the individual talks is to express curiosity for one another through reflecting upon the impressions during the dance classes and the essay topics sent in advance. The informal talk gives both parties an opportunity to build a comprehensive and complex idea of another.

What language will the audition be held in?

The language of the audition is english.

How can I get to know the school better prior to the auditions??

Take a look at our LEAP 21/22 program. We offer opportunites for personal encounters in frames of dance courses, through which you can get know the teachers who will be holding classes at the Audition. You can also find an Online Mentor Program, which enables us to get to know you as a creator and performer by sending us a short video of you dancing. You will receive feedback to your video based upon the approach that is representative for the Academy. Or have a look at our FB, Instagram and YouTube account where you can get extra information about the everyday life of our work.

in-depth work,
research and
in the field
of dance
and movement


Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy
H-1036 Budapest, Perc utca 2.

+36 1 250 3046
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